About us

The founder behind Cupofdeals is a go-getter, a single mom of a precious 3 years old an entrepreneur by heart and a  working mother in a corporate world as software programmer.

Having a daughter with a health issues that requires her to ask for endless permissions  to be away from work and to spend nights coding trying to meet tight deadlines. All this  pushed her to take the entrepreneur-by-heart thing and turn it into entrepreneur-by-action and still finds time to volunteer in some of her dear to heart causes.

So why a Cup? This go-getter mother is also a tea lover like no other. Whenever she is at home working or relaxing she is with a mug of something tea related. Whenever she is out and about she is always with a bottle or a flask to keep her beverage that she always loves  hot. Another things she loves is a table well set with beautiful , elegant dishes. She is someone who does not wait for something to resolve itself instead she ventured out and find solutions and usually on affordable prices and without sacrificing beauty. So put those things together and BAM !!!!! Here comes Cupofdeals!!!

Even though she does not like to plaster her image and private life online, she is a living proof that you can always achieve anything and everything you set out to do.

So long story shot, welcome to my CupofDeals! No matter your interest there is alway a non boring solution that will help you to solve it!!

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1079 Francois Casey                                                                                          Sherbrooke                                                                                                              Quebec, CANADA                                                                                                          Tel: +18195420833                                                                                                        Email: info@cupofdeals.com

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