Effective and Sustainable Weight Loss using Red Tea Detox.

As a mother, and a single one I should add, I am not proud to admit that I have been a yoyo dieter for the big part of my life. As much as I love my little one, she came having a multitude of health issues. And with that, like any mother, I threw myself into taking care of her. Fast forward 4 years later and with failed marriage under my belt, even though her  problems were under control I was shocked to realize that I was 20 pound heavier than when I was 9 months pregnant. I realized that I managed to help her but at the same time I completely forgot myself.

With a full time career and a multitude of side hustles I also realized that I did not have 2 hours to spend in the gym like I used to, prior motherhood and I no longer had the will power to stick to any diet even if my life depended on it.

Even though I realized the will power to stick to diet was dead I was also happy to find that the solution seeker in me was still there, heavier but still alive. So I threw myself into finding simple solutions to incorporate in my normal everyday life. As I have never been a junk eater things to eliminate in my lifestyle were limited. So I was left with two options : either go back to exercise myself to exhaustion or starve myself to lose the bulge.  

Evaluation of my current lifestyle

The fighter in me unable to admit defeat, I took time to analyse my current lifestyle and take time to be honest with myself. I found that I lost some simple habits that used to be the bone and core to my past lifestyle: Drinking tea. I realized that I no longer have a thermos in my bag and as a result my body has got used to being thirsty without complaining but at the same time learnt to cling to every ounce fat I used to eliminate effortlessly just by sipping a hot cup of tea. I realized that I no longer have a bottler of water beside my bed to chug before I even get out of bed. I realized that I lost the habit to stock my my office drawer with every variety of tea I could get my hands on. And with all of that I robbed my body the ability to detox itself even when I'm sleeping.

Detox time 

Too broke to buy as many tea varieties as I used to, I raided my friend's cupboard and that is where I stumbled upon The Ultimate Guide To Detoxing accumulating dust. I borrowed it and sipped on it in one night, a night become a week and at the en of it I fond myself feeling lighter, I recovered my ability to hear my bond and really relearn to take care of it. 

I also I realized that It would be hard to lose the bulge if I dont deal with the toxins accumulated in my body first. I realized that the more I weight I put on the harder it will be to loose it in sustainable way. So, I bought my first red detox tea  and I have never looked back again, I managed to drop some 6.7 pounds a month by just incorporating this tea in my lifestyle. Not only drinking enough decreased the weigh but it alleviated the constipation I was dealing with since the child birth.This was the best buck I have ever spent in a long  time.

So get the kettle bubbling and pour yourself a steaming mug of Red Tea and I guarantee, you will fall in love with the taste and late night cravings will be a beast of the past.

Make walking a daily habit

Another thing I realized is that I was no longer consistent in my daily 30 min walks during lunch time break. This was a simple, but pleasurable habit I had, which allowed me to get in my daily exercise but also alleviated stress. The more stress I accumulated the more pounds I put on. So I had to relearn to take my daily stroll when my dear old canadian weather allows it . Otherwise, I would just make 5 times trips to my 3rd floor office during lunch break.

Refuse to be a prisoner of a diet

With so many diets out there, telling us so many different things, it is hard not to get lost in the internet jungle full of diets lingos that at the end of the day do not give us a sustainable lifestyle. I refused to put myself in a box of any diet because I realized that when that train crash it crashes hard. Take everything with a grain of salt, do your investigation, talk to your doctor if needs to be, but go on your own rhythm because no one will truly walk in your shoes. Implement the changes you feel capable of sustaining and with every benefit, it will give you the will and hunger to seek more for your own physical health and sanity.



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